Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on April-10-2009

Ella Renae had a pretty happy day and the slideshow above represents the gamut of emotions this girl shows off daily. She is such a good kiddo…as long as she gets what she wants. Try and feed her, or give her a bath, and she gets more ticked off than a 16 year old who just lost her cell phone privileges.

Kelly’s spending the night at a friends and Ella is winding down for the night. Tina and I are escaping into mindless activities but also reflecting on the day as it concerns our current life situation, and our Savior’s death over 2000 years ago.

Thank you for the comments, concerns, prayers, emails and flowers. The outpouring of support is so touching. Our faith is unshaken and our Lord is as trustworthy as ever. Our lives, including the child in Tina’s womb, are in His hands.

We’ll leave you with a quote that we found attributed to C.S. Lewis:

“Tragedy is what God uses to wake us up from a life that would otherwise be hopelessly lost from its intended purpose.”