Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-11-2009

Ella had a rough time the past couple of nights. We think she might be battling with a little cold. Her snotty nose, in combination with her extra drool from teething, is causing quite the challenges for her. We’ve had to increase her oxygen and she is retching frequently because there is so much for her to try and manage. A couple of times we’ve had scares where the secretions are so thick that it is blocking her airway. We have to get her to try and drink juice, pat her back, give her more oxygen while she is worked up and turning blue! It is freaky, so we’re hoping that this will clear up real soon.

She did reach the 23 pound mark (10.59 kilos)! It is so good to see her steadily gaining weight.

For our date night, we went to Easter service to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. We’re continuing to seek Him and His will in the most recent circumstance.

We praise Him for our baby girl. She blesses us so much each day. We’re just so thankful for her…and thankful for all the support and love from all of you.

The Resurrection

We hold so close to our hearts
The cross where Jesus died
But so much more than the blood-stained cross
Is that Jesus came back to life

The stone’s been rolled away
The tomb lay open and bare
They looked for Him, and then the angel said
That He is no longer here

Oh what joy they must have felt
To see Him just once more
To eat with Him, to drink with Him
To receive Him back as Lord

So much did He accomplish
Through His death upon the cross
And in His rising from the dead
He reconciled us back to God

Nothing else could bridge the gap
That sin had wrenched apart
Now we can freely go to God
And receive Christ in our hearts

© By M.S.Lowndes