Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on April-28-2009

Above are some pictures of our sweet Ella, however, today’s focus was on Ella’s baby brother.

This morning, when we first walked into labor and delivery, I wasn’t expecting the flood of emotions. We were admitted around 8am and induction started around 10:30am. Tina began to have contractions and cramping around 1pm. Our son was born this afternoon at 2:14pm.

Thank you for all your prayers. We are home tonight and Tina’s recovering well.

During the labor process the Lord inspired me to write the words below.

My Son
Though I won’t get to look into your eyes in this lifetime, I know you’ve been blessed by looking into His.

You are my son, my son for eternity.
I cherish the thought of us meeting some day.

I do wonder, if God’s plans were different, whose eyes you would have, whose smile.

Would you have your mother’s lips and your dad’s nose?

As you grew, would you have a passion for the arts, or would it be sports?

How uniquely our Lord has made you, a blend of your mother and me.

Would we play catch, or go fishing? Go for a bike ride, or fly a kite?

What if….

But God knows. Our Heavenly Father ordained it. He knew that you would only be with us a very short time…at least in this lifetime.

There’s comfort in knowing where you are now. Surrounded by those who love you, and care for you.

Thank you Jesus for this life. The life you created, and blessed us with.

Our son’s footprints (actual size)