Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on April-27-2009

Ella slept solid through the night and had a great day today. So much so, that she even tolerated her OT time and had a good feeding.

The little monkey even did her best trying to chew through her O2 cord, “Who says I need oxygen!”

She’s been all smiles this evening too. So glad to have those beautiful blue eyes to stare into.

Personally, I had a lot better day. Thank you for all the prayers. Considering the extreme mood swing from yesterday to today, I’ll take it as the Lord preparing my heart though. Today really was better, even with the news I’m about to share.

Tina had her follow-up ultrasound today. We were able to see a lot more of the baby. Arms, hands, legs, feet, head….but…

…there was no longer a heartbeat. We were not totally surprised, but it was quite a surreal moment. Our baby was gone.

Before wrapping up the ultrasound, we asked the technician if she could tell the gender of the baby. I think she knew already, but wasn’t sure if we wanted to know. She was able to point out on the ultrasound that it was a boy. Ella has a little brother in heaven.

After talking over the options with the doctor we decided to minimize the risk to Tina and have labor induced tomorrow morning. This is what the doctor recommended as well. Hopefully the process will go smoothly, and with minimal physical pain.

We praise our Heavenly Father for this precious life and are thankful for his merciful touch. I know right now that my earthly father, who is with our Lord, is enjoying some time with his grandson right now.

Please pray that the delivery will go smoothly tomorrow without incident. Specifically pray for Tina’s health and comfort as well as the state of our emotions throughout the day.

Thank you all so much for your support during this difficult time. Your words of encouragement and support are so upllifting. We also take to heart those that choose to share very few words, as they mean so much as well.

Continuing to hold tightly to God’s promises…and savoring the life of Ella Renae which is a salve to our wounded hearts.

Revelation 21:4 (NLT)
“He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.”