Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-3-2009

Ella had a fun day. We went to our favorite breakfast place and sat outside – it was warm and sunny. And Ella loves to people watch. You figure, she rarely gets to go into the real world since we try our best to keep her health from being compromised. But every once in a while, it is worth the risk. And being outside has less risk.

When we were done with our breakfast outing, we decided to stop and pick up gardening supplies. Once again, we could put her in the stroller and spend time outside while we shopped for flowers and other supplies.

We came home and got 90% of the gardening complete and then ran out of supplies! But that just gave us another excuse to go for a ride again. So, Ella had lots of time in the car today. She did great – I think she likes sitting up so high and watching the scenery. Plus, it is good reinforcement to go for a ride and not end up at the doctor’s office or the hospital.

As Sunday winds down, we are looking forward to starting a new week. Last week was rough and filled with many challenges. So much has happened recently that it is sometimes hard to realize the magnitude of the events. We’re hoping that this week is easier on the heart and mind.

On an ending note, another short poem that seemed appropriate in memory of our son.

Time spent with you
Was so very precious
Even if only for a very short time
I hold a special memory
Close inside this heart of mine
To me you were very special
Much more than words can say
I still love you now little angel
And I’ll remember you every day.