Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on May-17-2009

We all had a great day hanging out with the Snyder family. There were 10 people over for dinner at Aunt Ginny’s and it was a good time for all. Ella mostly behaved herself while being around everyone. She had a couple moments where her stranger anxiety got the best of her, but otherwise she did very well.

We also had some time outside for lunch. We’re trying to hit the restaurants that we’ve really missed since being in Colorado.

Around 8:39pm we experienced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake for about 15 seconds. We grew up out here, so it’s not a totally foreign experience for us, but that magnitude is more on the medium scale. It was a pretty solid roller though and I felt it real good because I happened to be “in the library” at the time of occurance (that was a first for me). It was certainly Ella’s first earthquake!

Looking forward to relaxing with the Bun and catching up with more family and friends this week.