Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on May-23-2009

While we were packing the car, Ella was doing her morning exercises. Gotta love pics of the Bun rolling over. So awesome to see the progress she’s made in this area!

Well, the plan to leave California at 10am was pushed to 1:20pm. It was nice to take our time and we made it to St. George without incident. After the drive, we also decided we’re going to take one more day of vacation by staying tomorrow night in Palisade, CO. This will break up our last 12 hours of driving over two days.

Ella did good on the drive except for the couple times she became overly tired and decided to get cranky about it. After a nap each time, she snapped out of it.

Hoping the rainy / stormy weather doesn’t impact our drive too much tomorrow.