Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on May-25-2009

The picture above says it all. Even though we added an extra day of travel time on the way back to Colorado to break up the driving, we still are wiped out. We originally planned to recover at home today, but that didn’t happen.

The drive went without incident, except for some rain showers. This made for some beautiful scenery though and a very active Colorado River.

The last couple nights have been rough from a sleep standpoint because Ella’s schedule has been totally off. We tried putting her down at 11pm last night, but she didn’t settle down until 1:30am. We’re hoping tonight she gets on track because a sleepy Bun is a cranky Bun. I’m not too keen on not getting any sleep either ;-).

Good news is that as I type this, Tina is putting Ella to bed (9:30pm). Hopefully she’ll sleep well in her normal environment and we’ll all get some good rest.

We had a great time escaping to California to see family and friends, and thank God for watching over our travels.