Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on May-30-2009

What a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Colorado. Grandpa came over for breakfast, and we spent some time on our deck soaking in the weather. He brought his two “kids” over and they enjoyed running around in the backyard.

After dad left, I did some yard work and was only able to complete the front and some of the backyard before it began to rain / hail. Typical Colorado spring weather though: nice in the morning with thunderstorms in the afternoon.

While it rained outside, the Bun flexed her leg muscles in her exer-saucer. She has really got the hang of being in there now and is doing great pushing herself up. Yup…just a preview of her standing on her own someday!

Ella continues to experience a good amount of retching which doesn’t get any easier to deal with, for us, or her. Like Tina said yesterday, we did notice a decrease in her retching while out in California. Thinking that it may have been related to the increased humidity, we broke out the humidifier we had previously used in her room.

We have used this cool mist humidifier in the past, but it seemed to increase the amount of Ella’s secretions which would only make the problem worse. It has been awhile since we used it, so maybe things are different now. We put it out on the table this morning, and next to her crib throughout the remainder of the day, but we didn’t see much difference in her retching. I may just run it in her room over the next week to see if there is any improvement. Here’s hoping.

We do have a prayer request this evening. There are a lot of big life decisions that we’re trying to flesh out relating to Tina’s future work, getting a nanny, etc. Our hearts desire is to be obedient to what the Lord wants, and we are prayerfully seeking him in these matters. If you would pray for wisdom, discernment, and direction for us in the coming days and weeks, we would appreciate it.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to follow us on this journey. We savor all the love and support shown in comments you make and emails you send. We are blessed to have you here with us.