Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on September-9-2007

Ms. Ella has found her gator spirit in the form of a bear. Nurse Michelle presented our baby girl with this stuffed animal, as well as a Gator blanket, to confirm once and for all that Ella is a true Gator Girl.

I know our friends just north of us would like to think otherwise, but when you’re born in Gainesville, Florida, you don’t have any other choice. And yes, the Gators did triumph over the Troy Trojans last night while Ella was holding her bear. =)

Ella remained stable throughout the night. Her blood gases looked good this morning (cO2=49, pO2=121). The fluid output in her chest appears to have gone back up a bit though from 80 on Friday to 127 yesterday.

This is not the direction we want her fluids going. I’m holding out for a clerical error myself, but we’ll see what tomorrows output is. We’ve not had a chance to talk to Dr. Kays about it either, so we are curious about his thoughts on the matter.

Yes, it is Sunday, and Tina and I have enjoyed listening to sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley. We’ve downloaded a series of podcasts and noticed that there we some archives that we hadn’t listened to.

The message for July 8th was titled “How to Listen to the Word of God”. This is the message we chose to watch today. The sermon itself had an incredible impact, but the story that we viewed at the end really touched home.

The 7 minute video below is titled:

As children of a Sovereign God,
we are never victims of our circumstances.

It spoke to our hearts so deeply, and we know it was no coincidence that God had us view this particular message today.

Listen closely to the words of Dr. Stanley at the end. These words resonated so strongly in our spirits that it brought us both to tears. Praise God for speaking through Dr. Stanley.


Click here to view the entire sermon titled “How to Listen to the Word of God”