Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on September-22-2007

The picture of her stats above represents the best birthday present Ella could give her dad…next to the Porsche she buys me someday ;-).

Ella is doing good on this Saturday. 100% on her saturations most of the time, and a very comfortable baby girl. The rate of her fluid output (14ccs) has slowed down for the same time frame as yesterday (27ccs), but she doesn’t look swollen, which is good. Her chest x-ray doesn’t look better than yesterday’s, but it doesn’t look a lot worse either.

The fact that she is not fussing quite as much is an indicator to us that she’s doing better. Oh, she will do the normal baby fuss, but not the scream-so-hard-that-my-head-turns-bright-red-and-my- stats-drop fuss.

Overall she looks better today then she has the last few days. We’ve been able to enjoy a good amount of awake time with her as well. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we will drink in all the goodness of today.

Lord Jesus, thank you for this baby girl. Thank you for the good day. We will praise you today and praise you for tomorrow. We continue to lay it down before you, and look to you through this time. Your grace and mercy abounds. Your blessings overflow. Praise you Father. Amen.