Posted (Tina) in All Posts on September-27-2007

Ella had a good day. Her blood gas at 2pm was great, cO2=54, pO2=114. Plus, her chest x-ray looked improved since the surgery. Keep in mind that her total chest fluid output for yesterday was 165ccs. So it was not a total surprise that her chest x-ray looked better – – she was able to get rid of a lot of that fluid build up.

Based on her good results, Dr. Kays weened the ventilator from 60% oxygen to 50% oxygen this afternoon. Also, he started the Portagen feedings again at 4ccs per hour. These are good steps in the right direction.

Tonight, Ella was sleeping a lot and her saturations were at 100 mostly. When she did wake up a few times, she was quite fussy. Based on her high saturations though, it seemed like she was just extra tired (or upset that we woke her up from a great dream)!

Her blood gas at 10pm was cO2=60, pO2=90. At that time, her chest fluid output was only about 25ccs total for the day. This is significantly less.

At this point, we are not sure if that is good or bad. If her chest x-ray looks good in the morning, it is great news. It would mean that we are making progress with the fluid issue (her body is processing the fluid via her kidneys instead of settling in her chest cavity). If her chest x-ray looks worse in the morning, it means that the fluid is not draining as well and is still residing in her chest.

It is our heart’s desire to have the fluid issue resolved, but we do not know what God has planned.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our baby girl.

As I was finishing this post, God just put this verse on my heart:

Psalm 46:10
“Be still, and know that I am God”

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Ella was stable through the night, and overall is looking comfortable.

She had one moment of discomfort yesterday evening which required a dose of fentanyl, otherwise she’s doing well.

Her stats look good too (ph=7.43, cO2=52, pO2=110). Knowing that her lungs function properly when given the right environment is so encouraging.

Ella continues her good behavior this morning. She’s been alert, looking around, and resting comfortably. No changes have been made on her ventilator at this time, but her feedings should be starting again soon.

She had a significant amount of fluid from her chest yesterday (165ccs). Her output has slowed today but we’re hopeful that this is a good thing. We’re waiting on the results from her chest x-ray to know for sure.

Ella’s weight this morning came in at 7lbs 3oz, up from 6lbs 7oz on the 5th. Some of this can be attributed to all the added stuff that’s been attached to her, but you can tell she’s put on some weight. Her little chicken legs are starting to fill in a bit more =).

We’re not sure when Dr. Kays will be performing any additional procedures. Tina and I continue to hope that he wont have to do the scarring in her chest cavity, but we are fully expecting that it will need be done. I think it’s just the concept of this procedure that keeps us in this place, but the truth is, we would rather her have it done then to slide back down this slippery fluid path without a resolution.

Thanks to all for your continued support. Your love and prayers are incredible.

God Bless