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Well, Ella was seen with beads and a boa today during her play time. I’m not sure if she was trying to play an April Fool’s Day joke on me…or not. Actually, her occupational therapist recommended it for the tactile stimulation. And I just happened to have the gadgets stashed away in my closet. It certainly brought back memories of business trips with colleagues in New Orleans!

Ella slept amazing last night. It has been 1 week since we discontinued the Captopril. Her sleep has been SO much better and more consistent. Mostly, she wakes up a few times per night and she only had one really bad night where she woke up multiple times. We have not had this type of relief since last summer. I am SO thankful that she is no longer on that medication and that the successful SVC procedure allowed her body to no longer require it. Sleep is a huge blessing, for all of us.

She also had a good occupational therapy session today. Although she still had retching and complained, her temperament and tolerant of the feeding exercises was better. She was in the chair for about an hour. That is a long time for her.

Grandma Eusey and I escaped for a pedicure this afternoon and hurried back home before the snow storm hit the Denver metro area. We went for a special treatment that lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes, including a sugar scrub and masque for the feet. It was nice and relaxing.

Looking forward to another evening of hanging out with family and watching the snow fall outside.

Loren L on April 1st, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

Ella is not fooling anyone Boas are tons of fun. What could be better than a Sugar rubdown… some time with Ella for sure! It’s so good to see Ella making progress again. What a JOY!

Jennifer Sanderson on April 1st, 2009 at 9:03 pm #

Hi! The day we met you I was really praying we would have another healing service at church. I couldn’t believe on Sunday when Pastor announced that we are having one this Sunday evening (4-5-9)! Please, please try and make it there. I cannot begin to tell you all of the healings that have taken place in our church. We already told you about Gabriel. And we can pray for the health of your up and coming blessing. The balcony would be all yours. I won’t be singing in the evening service and would be very happy to sit with you. Just let me know.

Let’s get Ella healed; then you can go anywhere you want to on any day of the week…

Joel Snyder on April 2nd, 2009 at 12:48 am #

Ella, How exciting to see you with the boa and beads. Your progress with sleeping and OT are very encouraging and I can tell from your pictures that you are feeling good. Keep up the steady progress and have fun with Mom and Grandma this week. Love,Grandpa!!!!!!!!

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