Posted (Tina) in All Posts on November-9-2007

Ella looks like she is feeling better than yesterday, but you wouldn’t know it by her stats.
Actually at 5pm, Dr. Kays decided to increase her oxygen assistance to 45% and left the CPAP pressure at 5. Even when she is asleep, her saturations are only mid-90s.
Yet just a few days ago, she was at 35% oxygen at a pressure of 5 and was consistently having saturations pegged at 100.
We’re not sure what to think. For some reason, her progress has slowed and we have taken a few steps back the past few days.
Aside from CPAP change, it was also a big day because they moved Ella out from her private room and into the main area. She is over near the window which will allow her to distinguish light from dark. And since Ella tends to be social, we are hoping that being out in a main traffic area encourages more nurses to stop and interact with her.
Yes, although we still have some wires to contend with, we finally get to dress Ella. They want us to stick to gowns, onesies and outfits that snap down the front. Now, she can show off her fashionista side!
Ella had a visitor tonight. Kerri, a friend from Colorado, came out to meet her and hang out with us over the weekend. Ella definitely appreciated the attention, as she gave lots of grins!
Please continue to pray that the Lord would strengthen her lungs and that whatever set backs she is having, that it is not a sign of anything major. We so desire to see her gain strength and graduate from CPAP! Go Ella, No CPAP, Go Ella, No CPAP!
Good night to all.