Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on November-16-2007

Ella did well today. She was absolutely wiped out though when we went to see her tonight. Between physical therapy, occupational therapy, and having a bath, our girl had a full day.

She also had a bit of drama last night as well. The Bun tends to sweat like her daddy. This doesn’t work so well with some of the bandage dressings. One important dressing is over her picc line.

When the nurse went to give her a bath last night, she looked down and her picc line was out of her arm. Not a good thing when you don’t expect it. Fortunately, it looked like it came out cleanly and there was no bleeding. It was scheduled to come out in the next few days anyways, we just didn’t expect it to come out on its own.

With the picc line out, they DC’d her fentynal, and are giving her very small doses of morphine through an IV in her foot to help with the weaning process. This is nice because she’s now down to just one pump. Pretty amazing if you think about it because at one point she had as many as 13!

We got to hang out with Tracy and her boys (Jacob & Jereme) tonight. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then went to the hospital to see Ella. It was so sweet to see Tracy with our girl. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to meet her when we were first at the hospital. She’s been such a blessing to us and a source of strength as well.

We’re excited for the weekend so we can spend more time with Ella. We also hope to see Dr. Kays soon so we can talk about the next steps.

Thank you for the continued prayers for Ella, and the other NICU babies, Par and Jonathan.

God Bless