Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on November-26-2007

Ella Bun had a good day. At this moment, Mom is doing what she can to calm her down and put her to sleep.

We noticed that Ella’s breathing is a bit more labored this evening. Her breaths per minute have been in the high 90’s. She has been awake, but this is higher than we’ve seen the last couple days.

Ella did have a chest x-ray this morning and her lungs still look “wet”. Her IV fluids could be contributing to her edema, and is probably the reason for her increased breaths. To help with this, she going to be given Diamox in between her Lasix regiment. She’s been on this med before, when she was more edemic, and it seemed to do the trick. We’re hoping for similar success this round as well. She definitely doesn’t look as swollen as times past, but it’s still something to keep an eye on.

Clinically speaking though, Ella looks great! She was happy and interactive tonight, and slept real solid last night. Her scar from surgery is healing nicely, and she’s handling her increased feeds like a champ so far (she’s up to 8ccs per hour right now). On that note, her food is going to be increased 2ccs every 4 hours until she reaches a total of 22ccs per hour of continuous feed. In the same way her IV fluids will also be decreased in the same manner. At this rate she should reach full feeds in about 36 hours.

Baby Par continues to do excellent, and we’re praising God for his phenomenal progress. Baby Jonathan is doing a little better too. His liver function has started to improve, and his swelling has gone way down. His kidneys are not doing so good, but he’s scheduled for repair surgery this Wednesday on ECMO. We hope this surgery will help him take the next steps to getting better.

Father God, you are worthy of our praise in all things. We pray that you will be glorified though these children. Thank you for their lives, and the lives they touch. Let us seek your face in our daily lives, and with every breath praise your name. You are awesome Lord. Hallelujah! Amen