Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on November-1-2007

One hundred and one days! Ella has been tracking so well these days and looking cute as ever too!

We spoke to Dr. Kays this afternoon about our girl. He’s please with her progress and said that she would be stepping down to the regular oxygen cannulas tomorrow. Yay! No more CPAP, just a controlled flow of oxygen.

Some more good news…Ella has not spit up at all since we last posted! This is a very good sign in that she’s keeping her food down and it’s going through her body properly.

There’s still another (very large) related hurdle though, and that’s bottle feeding itself. Ella has never had food (i.e. breast milk, formula) given orally.

CDH babies typically have issues related to this and the fact that our girl has gone on so long without this experience only increases the likelihood that the problem will be severe.

We’re not quite at this step yet but we expect it to be a challenging once were there.

On another note of praise, Phillip Andrew was born today! This is the boy of Liz and Rusty, the couple from Birmingham AL, who we met here in Gainesville.

We have been praying for God’s timing in the situation because you see, Dr. Kays has been out of town for the last week! When we went out to dinner with our friends the other night, we didn’t want to alert them to this fact, causing more stress for Liz and Rusty, so we didn’t say a word.

Instead, we prayed and trusted that the Lord’s perfect timing would play out in their lives. Dr. Kays was back in town last night, and they delivered this afternoon. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS SOVEREIGNTY!!

Philip Andrew is stable and doing well, and so is the rest of the family.

Please join us in prayer for Phillip Andrew and his entire family. Pray that Rusty and Liz will continue to look to our Lord for peace, and that their boy will remain stable and grow strong.

Please also pray for our baby girl and her big step tomorrow coming off CPAP.

Praising our Lord for where we are, and for the road ahead.

God Bless