Posted (Tina) in All Posts on November-25-2007

Ella had a great day.
Nurse Andrea said that Ella spent a good amount of time sitting up in her chair and being social. She even fell asleep while sitting upright in her chair!
By the time we arrived this afternoon, Dr. Kays had reduced her ventilator settings down to 8 breaths per minute and 40% oxygen.
Also, Dr. Kays decided to start feedings of the Portagen via the g-tube (2ccs/hour of continuous feeds). This is the first time that the Bun has had any food in her belly since her surgery (they have just been giving her IV fluids the past few days).
Ella’s nose seems to be healing quite well. We really wanted to see the swelling and inflammation decrease before she is placed back on CPAP.
When we first approached Ella’s bed, she was asleep. Then, she must have heard our voices. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes, recognized Mom, and then gave a big smile! It was so cute.
We had a fun time hanging out. Dad sang improv tunes to her which made her grin (there is a video below for your viewing pleasure). Then, Mom read her stories and talked to her. She was full of smiles which means that she has to be feeling better. It was the first set of grins and giggles that we have seen in several days.
We are not sure of when Dr. Kays plans to extubate Ella. If not tomorrow, I’m sure it will be sometime over the next few days. We’re not in a hurry to have this done because we feel like it is just giving her extra time to gain her strength.
Par is progressing along just wonderfully – – praise God! Please join us in praying that he will make huge strides forward, so that he can take on the next challenge of feeding. Jonathan still needs prayer for his liver and kidneys. They continue to not function at a level where Dr. Kays is willing to perform the repair surgery. Please pray for this need specifically as well as providing strength to Jasmine, his mom. Finally, pray that Ella’s lungs get stronger and that she tolerates the feeds via her g-tube.
Father, we thank you for sweet little Ella. We praise you for the successful surgery and the progress she has made over the past few days. Lord, you know exactly what she needs to heal and get stronger. We pray for wisdom for Dr. Kays and staff.
Also, we lift up Par and Jonathan to you and ask that you watch over their parents and that you continue to work out your perfect will in their healing process.
Lord, we thank you for Ella’s smiles…they are a reminder of your unfailing love for us. We trust in your timing of all the details on this journey.
Thank you for loving us…in your precious name, Amen.