Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-2-2008

Today was positive for Ella.

I was concerned about the PT appointment. Ella was still running a slight temperature throughout the day, so she was being fussy. Also, she was tired from waking up at 4:30am, but would not take a nap. She fought it off for several hours until we were in the car going to physical therapy.

By the time we arrived, she was fast asleep. I was happy that she was getting some needed zzzs, but I wasn’t sure how she was going to respond to me waking her up. Fortunately, it went fine. I spent the time to snuggle her while she looked at the PT and her surroundings.

The PT went very slow this week, like she did the first time with Ella. And thankfully, Ella responded beautifully. Once again, the rule of thumb with Ella is going very slow with new introductions or changes of any kind. She actually was smiling, kicking her feet and having a great time doing her exercises.

After this appointment, the PT admitted that 30 minutes is not ideal. Our next appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes, so that she can spend 15 minutes just warming up to Ella. I think that sounds like a plan!

The physical therapist will be out of town next week, so she gave us homework. We need to perform exercises like sitting up in her chair, tracking objects far to each side with her neck and having her grab toys midline while she is in the chair. She wants me to track the amount of time spent in the chair each day, so we can make note of our progress. We do not have another PT appointment until Monday, April 14th.

Ella did not take a full bottle today, but she had two good sessions: one bottle of 65ccs and one of 45ccs. So, the total was still in line with her progress for the week. Last week at this time, she had never even taken a full bottle. She has made AMAZING progress with feeding this week.

One year ago today, we got the sonogram and found out that we were having a baby girl. My OB/GYN was not in the office and the ultrasound technician did not want to let us know that she knew there was something wrong. So, we went home completely elated that we were having a baby girl and under the impression that she was healthy.

As I reflect back on last year at this time, I am reminded that one day we may think everything is fine, and the next, we may receive news or have circumstances arise in our lives that are not something we had planned. When the news is devastating, it is really hard to hold tight to the truth: no matter how bad the circumstances may seem, it is all part of His plan. God is in control and ordains all of the details in our lives. We may never understand why certain things take place, but just as with everything else: it is all about how you deal with and behave with the cards you are dealt.

I would have never imagined or wished for this journey. Yet here I am a year later with a beautiful daughter that I cannot imagine life without. She has been such a blessing to me, Josh and many of you out there that have been watching her journey.

We praise God for His plan and look forward to our future days with the Bun.