Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-28-2008

Ella had a rough night. All my fault too.

Not sure how it happened, but sure enough, the med port on her feeding tube was open. So, instead of all the corn oil and formula with meds going into Ella’s belly, it went all over her pajamas and her bed. Once she started fussing, it was not like a little had come out – – it was all 225ccs. I can’t believe that she tolerated being wet for that long.

In the midst of sleep, I could hear her being restless throughout the night. Josh even mentioned that it smelled in the room, like the cats had eaten too much and left some on the carpet (trust me, formula smells nasty). However, nothing registered in my compromised state and since Ella wasn’t fussing, I didn’t move from the bed!

Anyway, this made for a long morning. The poor Bun was simply tired and fussy, at times not consolable. Since she was still this way around 11am, I called and canceled physical therapy. I just felt like she was too wiped out and would not be worth trying to make her work through a PT session. Plus today required us packing up and driving to the session. That makes for a field trip in the car on top of the session. I felt like that would be a lot to ask of Ella.

As the day progressed into the late afternoon and she had more beauty sleep, she started to behave like herself.

Our goal tonight: let’s make sure we do not have a repeat of that movie!