Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on April-23-2008

What a good day for the Bun.

Her heart rate has come back down a bit over the last 48 hours, now hovering closer to 120bpm while she’s sleeping. Not that it was a huge deal, but I’m glad to see the numbers going that direction.

Ella got to try another fruit today: mangos. She did OK the first time she tried them. Tina gave them a taste too and decided they should be sweetened up with a little sugar. Ella agreed. The next mango session Ella kept opening her mouth for more. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the mangos go down.

In the afternoon, Tina took the Bun for a walk, and when they returned we had a little family photo session.

Ella’s morning PT went well with minimal fussiness. Tina and the therapist were able to coax Ella into some good tummy time, and Tina carried that trend throughout the day. In fact, Ella was comfortable enough on her tummy tonight that she fell asleep on her boppy.

We also have a PT session scheduled at the apartment first thing tomorrow morning.

We continue to count down the days before heading back to Colorado. Praise God for how far our girl has come, and we know that He will continue to be with her every step of the way.

Thank you Lord for Ella Renae.