Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-1-2008

…and think that it might be a good idea to stay in Florida for another 6 months. We’re thinking that it might be…April Fool’s Day!

Yeah, there is NO WAY that we want to stay in Florida any longer than necessary for Ella. Although the details are still coming together, we think it might be as soon as late May/early June. Again, we are still praying and knocking on doors to come up with the best plan. Hopefully, we will have the timing decided in the next day or so.

Ella had a fussy day. She seemed to be running a fever. I ended up giving her Tylenol twice to see if that would make her feel better. Josh mentioned that it appears like her gums are bothering her a lot again. Because of the Tylenol, she became drowsy and took 2 solid naps.

We were only able to get 2 feeding sessions in today via bottle. One time, she took about 35 ccs and the other time, she took the entire 75ccs via bottle! I’m so excited to see that she has taken an entire bottle a few times over this past week. It takes a really long time, but she is definitely getting better at the technique.

We have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow in the late morning. I’m hoping that she responds better this time. I was able to sit her up in the chair again today (the chair that the PT provided). The more time she sits in an upward position, the stronger she will get. Today, she lasted about 15 minutes.

Tonight, Ella fell asleep earlier than her usual bedtime. So, I needed to change her into her pjs and change her diaper before the rest of the night. Since she was so comfy and in such a deep sleep, she let me know that she was not happy. When she cried, it was a loud, piercing cry. I looked at Josh and smiled, “She is getting stronger”.

Okay, this is my baby that could not cry for months. Yes, we are crazy parents that like to hear our daughter cry but it does have such an underlying meaning for us when she lets it all out. The louder it gets, it simply means that Ella is getting stronger and healthier. And that warms our hearts.

Happy 36 Weeks to Ella! We thank Him for blessing us with our baby girl. She simply means everything to us.