Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on April-4-2008

Wow…the Bun sure can get excited. There are times when she’s just so smiley and happy, that I think she’s going to turn herself inside out! Check out the video below…and yes…that’s her crazy dad egging her on. (high speed Internet connection required).

Although we missed capturing them on video, the Bun gave a few giggles for Tina and I today while she was sitting up in her PT seat. This is the same giggle she gave me a couple weeks ago. It’s so cute.

It’s neat to see these aspects of progression, because for Ella, they’re huge. Developmentally, she’s really a 3 month old trapped in an 8 month old body. She still has a lot of catching up to do.

I got up with Ella this morning around 6:45, hoping to let Tina sleep for a solid couple hours. My girl and I sat in the rocking chair and just cuddled for about and hour…even dozed off together for about 30 minutes.

Ella wasn’t real interested in the bottle today. She only took 35ccs from me in the morning and didn’t do much better the rest of the day.

We were hoping to show off the Bun’s new feeding feat of finishing the bottle to the occupational therapist, but no such luck there. Her stranger anxiety kicked in and she had a total melt down while the OT was here.

“Aunt” Marla stopped in for a visit today. Even as much as she and Marla connected in the past, Ella’s stranger anxiety still got the best of her. Marla barely got a couple kisses in before the Bun started getting upset. I actually took this harder than Marla. It’s tough because you want Ella to be ok with people, but it’s a very typical behavior milestone for an infant her age.

I’ll take any forward progress the Bun makes as positive, even the stranger anxiety. We know there’s still a long road ahead, but we’re content in trusting that her life, and development steps forward, are all part of His plan.

Thanking God each day for Ella Renae.