Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-25-2008

Ella’s PT appointment went well this morning. We are challenging her by using a towel rolled underneath her armpits as she is laying on her tummy. This forces her to use more of her upper body to lift her head. That is part of our homework until we have physical therapy on Monday.

We were not able to switch physical therapists yet, which means that we have to drive to the session on Monday. Bummer! I had mentally accepted that we would not have to drive to the appointments any longer. But, the PT is very good and worth the drive! Hopefully, we can switch to the PT that lives in our apartment community at some point next week.

Ella’s OT session went well too. Although she has not taken an entire bottle in a few days, each feeding session today from the bottle ranged from 20-45ccs. Now that Ella is enjoying her feeding sessions, we want to not only continue to have her use the bottle and eat baby food, but we want to slowly improve her positioning. Currently, she lays down on her side to eat. This afternoon, we implemented a rolled towel that places her at about a 30 degree angle. The long term goal is to eventually have her sitting up.

Finally, Bugs Bunny would be proud: Ella likes carrots. We introduced them and the small jar is gone after today. Our menu so far consists of pears, apples, mangos, sweet potatoes and carrots. Way to go Ella!