Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-19-2008

The highlight of our day was having Nurse Janet visit.

She decided to come over before working her graveyard shift in the NICU. It was so great to see her. Of course, Ella was still having stranger anxiety, but began to adjust a bit more towards the end of her visit.

As you can see, Nurse Janet was having a good time playing with Ella’s little piggies.

And of course, Janet did not come empty handed. She went overboard and brought us dinner, wine, dessert, and muffins along with coffee for breakfast. Way too nice.

There are a few people that we are going to miss tremendously when going back home. Nurse Janet is definitely one of them. We are hoping that her along with some of the other friends will make a trip out to Colorado some day.

Ella did amazing with her bottle today. One time, she finished a complete bottle. Another time, she took all but 10ccs. In total, she took 185ccs via bottle over 4 feedings, out of 280ccs total given in those feedings. Pretty good for Ella.

We had a nice lazy Saturday as a family. Ahhhh….