Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on November-6-2008

Ella had a lot of mood swings today. One minute she would just be happy and talky, and the next she would really fuss. I’ve not seen this behavior before, and maybe it’s just her testing her limits.

We do think she is a bit more “wet” these days mostly based on her increased secretions and heart rate. We’re continuing the twice a day dose of the aldactizide diuretic until we see signs to convince us otherwise.

Tina is working late tonight. She’s had a lot going on at work. I have too with a project deadline yesterday that I pushed to get done. We’re both totally exhausted.

Kelly is pretty wiped too considering she’s had a migraine for the last couple days plus taking care of the Bun.

Because Tina is so slammed, I’ll be taking Ella to her pediatric appointment tomorrow afternoon. I’m hoping her weight has not significantly increased because it would probably be fluid.

Please pray that we can all get some much needed rest tonight and the Ella would ease into a more dry state.

Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support.

God Bless