Posted (Tina) in All Posts on November-14-2008

Ella felt better today.

When she woke up, it was the second night in a row that her diaper leaked. This usually indicates that she is more wet. When she is too dry, she will hardly pee or respond to the diuretic. But when she has fluid on board, the diuretic makes her pee extra.

We gave her a dose of diuretic this morning, so she had 2 doses today. We think that we need to go this route tomorrow too to help her go the right direction. After discussing with her pulmonologist, he recommended giving her 2 doses every other day (every day makes her too dry and once a day is not enough). We’re hoping that this provides the perfect cocktail.

The home nurse came this morning. Ella had slight weight gain, but not too much. She is now at 8.1 kilos or 17.8 pounds. She has gone from 7.9 kilos, to 8.0 kilos last week to 8.1 today. We’d like to see her gain more weight, so we might try adding corn oil to her feeds soon for that extra calorie boost.

It snowed for the first time at the house this year. It was not fun to drive to work. But in typical Denver style, most of it melted within a few hours.

I’m so thankful it is the weekend. I cannot wait to catch up on sleep! 🙂

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers from all of you.