Posted (Tina) in All Posts on November-11-2008

Ella had a good day.

It was a mellow day for Ella and Kelly. Normally, Tuesdays are packed with OT and PT. But, our physical therapist canceled the appointment today due to personal reasons (and will be back tomorrow morning). However, our occupational therapist emailed last night to let us know that she was dropping us as clients. The commute time is too long and not working for her. This is the same OT that was assigned to us back in Lone Tree. This house is 20 minutes in a different direction, so we weren’t sure if she was going to keep us or not. It sounds like after the past few weeks, she has decided to cancel. So, once again we are back to the drawing board looking for an OT that can help us get Ella to where she needs to be with feeding. My hope is that the process does not take too long (seems like it can take a long time to get reassigned).

Labs were this afternoon. Fortunately, we were able to find a location much closer to our house at a Children’s Hospital satellite office. Josh left work early to come home and take Ella for her labs. Of course, we forgot to move the car seat and stroller from my car, so he had to come visit me at work in the afternoon to retrieve it!

Ella did really well with her labs and it sounds like we got a “good stick”, so thank you for all your prayers! It was quick and although Ella let us know that she did not like it, she got over it really quick. Josh made sure to comment and let me know how impressed he was with Ella and her tolerating it. You figure after everything she has been through, getting labs are pretty minor! And I think she is dealing better with them because they are not every day like they used to be at the hospital, week after week. We probably will not know the lab results until Thursday. Josh is thinking that she must not be too dry because there were no issues drawing blood (sometimes it can be a bit tough if she is actually too dry).

On a totally different note, I listened to a great devotional this morning. Charles Stanley spoke about taking risks. When we think of risk, what do we mean? Most of the time it is the possibility of suffering loss or suffering danger and/or the possibility of having an ill outcome. The truth is: in order to understand risk, it is closely related to faith. Later it was asked, do you have one of those God inspired goals that feels too big, too complicated or seems beyond your abilities? When God tells us to do something, He will always provide the resources to get to the goal. So when we are relying on God, are we really taking a risk?

I could relate to the question about God-inspired goals that felt too big, too complicated and beyond my abilities. I thought about the risk of deciding to have Ella, as we obeyed God. We had no idea of the outcome and went all the way to Florida for her birth. That was a lot of risk and her life continues to be a testing of faith. And yet, look what God has done through her life – she has blessed all of us!

It made me think of my job that I just accepted and all the challenges that seem beyond my abilities. It seems overwhelming to balance everything. And yet, I feel like the Lord called me to this specific job at this specific company. So, I had to take a risk and I have to trust Him – trust that He will provide the resources, abilities, wisdom, and knowledge to help me accomplish what He wants.

It sure is nice to have a Savior who can provide that peace. I just can’t imagine living without Him.