Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on March-7-2009

Ella continues to not sleep through the night. We’re not exaggerating either when we say that she’s up between 10 and 20 times a night. Some of those times include some real bad retching spells, mostly likely caused by all the secretions from her teething.

Between the coughing side effect of the Captopril and the teething, it’s no wonder she’s up a lot. We can no longer use Motrin to help with the pain, due to the fact that she’s on an aspirin regiment these days. The Motrin could thin her blood too much. Tylenol really doesn’t help much.

We also cannot use any homeopathic solutions that are given orally. On top of Ella’s very severe oral aversion, any topical solution would cause more secretions which then in turn only causes more retching. So, we’re doing our best to manage her teething with Tylenol and very little sleep on our end.

And let me say this: It’s Tina that’s taking the brunt of the sleepless nights. I take over the morning shifts on the weekend, but Tina takes care of her through the night and this is absolutely exhausting. We’re praying that the season of sleeplessness will end soon, but right now we don’t see that happening. Until she can come off of the Captopril and the bulk of her teeth are in, we’re pretty sure this trend will continue.

Tina and I enjoyed our “date night” this evening. Kelly has been so great to let us take some time away every Saturday night for a few hours. Ella behaved herself for Kelly while we were out and was in a good mood.

Going to do our best to get some sleep tonight. Hoping the Bun does too.