Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on March-15-2009

Well…Ella slept better last night, but Tina didn’t quite get a full nights rest. Ella only woke up 3 times total during the night. Unfortunately, Tina woke up at 5:30, thanks to the monkey nugget (Macy the cat) that sleeps next to her. After the cat woke Tina up, she couldn’t get back to sleep.

I took over for the morning shift and got Bun ready for the day. She weighed in at 9.53kilos…not really any different from Friday. Ella has been extra clingy these days. She often gets real fussy right when you put her down, but gets real content while holding her. I’m guessing it’s just a phase she’s going through, but I don’t mind snuggling with our sweet child.

It’s good to see her numbers staying in line though without the use of Bumex. Having her stay off this diuretic will be huge progress, and at this point, we’re hopeful we’ll be able to do just that.

We all enjoyed the beautiful weather in Colorado today…even the cats.

Kelly seems to be over her cold, just a bit tired still, and Ella isn’t quite as snotty tonight either. Tina and I took our weekly date night tonight and enjoyed some alone time for dinner.

We’re all going to play some cards together and hopefully going get a good nights rest. Praying for a solid week of progress for the Bun, and for health all around.

Praising God for all the blessings of life.