Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on March-5-2009

Ella had a good day today, but was a little more grumpy than usual. Her weight is up only slightly…9.3 kilos total.

Ella continues to improve in her core strength. She has been able to maintain about 20 minutes of sitting up on her own. Kelly has been working on increasing Ella’s flexibility with some stretching techniques. The Bun only tolerates this for so long before she lets Kelly know that she’s had enough.

Kelly watched Ella this evening so Tina and I could enjoy the company of some friends. Tina played some Bunko with a group in the neighborhood and I went to visit a family that is close to our hearts.

Thank you for continuing to follow us on this journey. I know there are many that comment, but even more of you that don’t. It means so much to have all the support and prayers.

Please pray that Ella continues growing stronger and that we’ll be able to ween her O2 and begin tirating her meds down. We have noticed that her O2 requirements may have increased a bit the last 24 hours. Not sure what to think about it at this point, but she’s still below her previous baseline of 1 liter. I looked at Ella’s numbers again after publishing this post and they were still low for the amount of O2 she was on. She was saturating 92% on a flow of 600mls. I checked the system, the line, and then Ella herself. Yeah…her cannulas were totally out of her nose on the right side of her face. Helps to have them IN her nose =). After getting her situated, I was able to turn her O2 down to 250mls. After a few minutes, she settled in at 99% saturation and her heart rate was as low as 94bpm. Feeling better now…and off to sleep myself.

Praising God for all the progress Ella has made and for blessing us with such a precious gift.