Posted (Tina) in All Posts on March-9-2009

It was another rough night. By 3am, Ella had already been up 8 times. We’re trying to formulate our thoughts for our next doctor appointment – we just have to try to see if the Captopril medicine is causing this insomnia. It has been going on consistently (with about 1-2 “good” nights per month) for the past 5 months since Ella left the hospital.

Aside from me not getting sleep all night, I’m concerned for Ella too. She is a growing baby. It cannot be good for her to wake up this much, this consistently over time. She needs her rest too. So, we’re praying for wisdom in this area. This cannot continue to last and yet, we don’t have a light at the end of the tunnel. We don’t know that it is just a) teething or b) a cold or illness to where it lasts for a couple of weeks and goes away.

It was a mellow day for Ella and Kelly – no therapy appointments. So, they just hung out and played, working on her exercises.

And not that it is important, but Kelly happened to take a snapshot while giving Ella her Flovent breathing treatment. Yep, this is twice per day and Ella does not dig it!

And unfortunately, Ella’s great mood and great streak of days did end late last week. She was cranky and whiny over the weekend and into today. Right now, she also has been retching a lot (likely due to all the extra secretions from teething) and has a snotty nose she is battling.

On a positive note, we are still on lower oxygen requirements and have not run into any fluid issues since her procedure. This Wednesday will be 2 weeks. That is typically when we start to see problems, so we’ll be watching her oxygen requirements, heart rate and respiratory rate to see if she is having any challenges.

As always, thanks for the extra support and prayers.