Posted (Tina) in All Posts on March-30-2009

Ella slept well last night – she only woke up twice. Although she was wired until 11pm. She is turning into a night owl!

The cat woke me up around 4:30am and I could not fall back to sleep. It was annoying. So 2.5 hours later, I was finally tired enough to dose off.

Ella and I ventured out this afternoon to visit Dr. Perry. It was great to catch up with him and fill him in on all the details since the SVC procedure. He thought she looked fantastic and was impressed with her recent weight gain. This morning, she weighed in at 10.17 kilos. He showed me her growth chart…drumroll, please…and for the first time ever, Ella made it into the “normal” growth curve. Although it is near the bottom (the 25th percentile), it is the first time that she has ever been in the curve. Very good progress for the Bun.

If Ella remains stable, Dr. Perry feels comfortable waiting until the end of July to see her again…near her 2 year birthday. That is HUGE. We normally visit approximately every 6 weeks. And if you remember, her pulmonologist wants to see her in early June. Another long stretch for Ella. Most of it will depend on her appointment on April 16th with the cardiologist for her chest xray and echocardiogram to check on her SVC. We’re praying she checks out well, that she can stay healthy and keep on a steady track of weight gain with no fluid retention.

We’re excited to have Grandma Eusey come and visit us this week. She shows up tomorrow and is dying to love on the Bun! It should be a good time.