Posted (Tina) in All Posts on March-22-2009

Josh was nice enough to let me wear earplugs and sleep straight last night. Wow, it felt great to get solid sleep.

Ella wasn’t too bad overnight. Fortunately, we went to bed early and the first time she woke up was 2:30am, then 4am, 6am, and a bunch up until 8am. The first few solid hours of sleep held Josh over for the rest of the shift.

The Bun weighed 9.7 kilos this morning, which is a steady gain since we increased her food late last week. On another positive note, we have not noticed any negative impacts from decreasing her Captopril dose to 1x per day. We were watching for fluid retention. And although her weight has gone up steadily, we think it is true weight based on her numbers staying good and her clinical behavior. For example, I did get up once last night to use the restroom and decided to check on her. Her heart rate was 98 and she was saturating 99 on 400ccs of oxygen. Those are great numbers for the Bun. This means that Dr. Abman will likely discontinue the medication after our appointment on Tuesday afternoon!

Speaking of her appointment on Tuesday, she also has an appointment on Wednesday and one on Thursday. We have a busy week ahead of us!

So today, we had a lazy Sunday at the house while we cracked open the windows to enjoy the 70 degree weather. Of course, tomorrow is supposed to be mid 30s with snow. Gotta love Denver!