Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on August-4-2007

We went to see our baby girl late tonight because we were putting a little gift together for her. We burned a CD with Tina and I reading her some stories and layered some Baby Einstein music in between. We found a clock radio with a CD player built-in that can sit right next to her bed.
We got it all set up and I think she enjoys it. We could see her eyes look in the direction of the audio when it was playing. We’re hoping that the music and our voices will be some continuous comfort for her.
She is showing signs of indirect jaundice which is indicative of all she’s been through, but they’re watching it closely just to make sure her liver is functioning properly.
Her stats are doing ok. We pray that she remains to be strong so that the flow on the ECMO can continue to be reduced. Hopefully she’ll be removed from ECMO this week in preparation for surgery.

Posted (Tina) in All Posts on August-4-2007

Since we met with Dr. Kays yesterday afternoon, the ECMO machine was reduced to 120 (we have been reducing in increments of 20, starting at 220). Ella is continuing to fight and her stats have remained stable despite the turn down in the ECMO machine. She is doing well.
Also, the seizure medication that they have placed her on is doing its job. She has not had any since they placed her on the meds.
Going to visit her is tough, but at the same time, is so good for the soul. She is sooo cute and has such a sweet spirit. She deals with the wires and discomfort like a champ.
We love her so much. Please pray that she continues to remain stable and gain strength. We would like to see her ready to have surgery this upcoming week.