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It is with great joy that I bring good news to everyone this evening.
First of all, they switched out the ECMO machine late this afternoon without a hitch. No problems!
Second, we talked with Dr. Kays. He performed another chest x-ray and there was improvement in her lung development since Thursday of last week!!! Since he changed out the ECMO machine, he wants to give her a couple of days longer on ECMO, still holding out hope that her stats can improve a bit more. He would like to see her stats stabilize and increase forward over the next day or so, remove her from ECMO on Wednesday or Thursday and then do the surgery.
As you can tell, he really does not want to perform surgery on ECMO either! Maybe Ella keeps hearing him talk about it, and decides to fight a little bit harder, just to make his decision tougher!
Actually, I think this is a direct testimony to all of you that are praying for Ella each and every day. Dr. Kays did not expect to see this much improvement in Ella over the past few days. This can only be directly tied to God’s hand moving in a miraculous way. And believing that prayer is powerful, we want to thank each of you for your support and prayers.
Dr. Kays decided to turn down the flow in the ECMO machine today (since he replaced the circuit) to 100 (we started at 220 and decreased in increments of 20, down to 120 as the lowest point before turning it back up to 160 last week). He will be monitoring her stats to see if she can stabilize and improve with the lower flows. Please continue to be fervent in prayer – – we still are holding out hope that Ella might be able to have surgery off of ECMO.
Finally, her pink head band that I wrote about last night. There is a story behind this one. Since I did not see Ella due to my ER visit, I just assumed that it was provided by the NICU. There are more girl babies in the NICU right now (Ella was the first baby girl with CDH since 2 years ago; all the other patients have been baby boys). Anyway, I just figured it was a standard item that all the baby girls would get to enjoy.
When we visited tonight, why was my baby girl the only one that looked so fashionable? We found out that the ECMO technician, Roger, that Josh and I have spent many late nights with by Ella’s bedside, went and got it for her. Isn’t that too cute? Then, when we arrived today, a nurse by the name of Joy added the bows to her headband. Way too cute!
Ella was awake and looking at us this evening, giving us those eyes of hope and gripping us to tell us that she is still fighting.

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Ella had a stable night. We’re waiting to hear from Dr. Kays about the timing of surgery. We expect to hear from him sometime today.

While Tina was in the ER yesterday I went up to see how our little girl was doing. She woke up for me again and grabbed my finger. Man she had a tight grip and was yanking my finger all around. With all that strength and new headband she reminded me a bit of this guy. =)

We continue to pray for an incredibly successful outcome and that the Lord would guide Dr. Kays hands during surgery. This little girl is so much a part of us and it is amazing to see how much she’s becoming a part of everyone else.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

God Bless

UPDATE: We talked to the nurse practitioner this morning. Dr. Kays will not be in until later this afternoon, but he did call in with instructions to switch out the ECMO machine. The switch of the ECMO machine will provide a new circuit with fresh blood and newly maintained equipment to minimize potential blood clots. There are some risks involved with this, so please pray that this transition will go smoothly. Ella will be off the circuit for about 30 seconds which is her lifeline at this time.

We might be able to conjecture that surgery will be tomorrow, but until we talk to Dr. Kays we won’t know for sure.

Please stay tuned…