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Tina thought the beds at the hospital were so comfortable that she wanted to sleep there again. Not quite.

Tina’s been pumping milk for our baby every three hours since she was born. Yesterday afternoon, she wasn’t feeling too well. Last night at 11pm she still wasn’t feeling well and she was burning hot so we headed to the ER. Three hours in the waiting room and two hours waiting for a doctor…it looks like Tina may have a breast infection.

It’s 5am and we’re still waiting for the test results. We’ll keep you posted.

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Ella’s stats are the same – – but not improving. Her bilirubin levels are continuing to increase, so they are running more tests on her liver. They increased the Lasix to try and reduce more of the swelling. Thankfully, they have not seen any more seizure activity since they medicated her at the initial sign of seizures. So, they were going to try and reduce the seizure medication — we hope the seizures will stay away!
This upcoming week with her surgery is a big milestone. Please pray for Ella’s strength and a successful surgery.
Also, her parents are exhausted! Please pray that we will be renewed by His strength. It is so tough to see this sweet little girl connected to all these machines, day after day, with no forward progress.
We know His timing is perfect and that He is in control. Holding onto these truths, and being encouraged and reminded about them by all of you, has been a saving grace. But it has not stopped the emotions from rising to the surface each day!
Lord, help us to trust you even more as we watch the fulfillment of your will unfold for sweet little Ella.