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Well, Ms. Ella is doing ok tonight, but I’m feeling a bit more anxious. Her stats are maintaining, she is still fussing here and there (gee, isn’t that what babies do!) and her fluids are reducing.

The reason I’m feeling a bit of heightened anxiety is because her head swelling has not really gone down enough. We’ve not really talked to Dr. Kays about this yet in detail. We last spoke to him on Thursday.

My logic tells me that it is a big enough deal though because he has scheduled her for a test that requires her to move out of the NICU. Ok, moving her is no small task, considering all the machines she’s hooked up to, so this would lead me to believe that he really wants this test done which makes me wonder how critical things are. (Holy freakin OCD batman!) My mind is just on overdrive.

Throw on top of that the fact that Tina is not feeling well — again. She went back to a doctor in the labor and delivery area because she’s having some pain related to her previous issue. They’re having her take another regiment of antibiotics (yay).

Tina may be in pain, but she is not as on edge about Ella as I am. She conjectures that if it were that critical, he would have already made a move to take care of it. This makes sense, but I’m still anxious.

We’re supposed to talk to Dr. Kays tomorrow to go over the details. If you remember, they are concerned that she might have a blood clot that is preventing blood from leaving her brain. Really looking forward to our conversation.

Ella will be having another blood gas test done tonight @ 10pm (EST). I’ll give a quick update later once I know the results.

Mom, Dad, and Grandma are going to escape into a movie now. =)

P.S. I know God is in control. My human nature is just getting the best of me this evening.

UPDATE (10:45pm EST): Adding to my anxiety, Ella is not doing well this evening. Her gases came back with poor numbers (cO2 57 & O2 59). She’s also building up a lot of fluid in her lungs as well, which is requiring suction every 30 – 45 mins. Her stats do come back up after suctioning, but these episodes are definitely more frequent this evening. I can guarantee I won’t be sleeping well tonight so I’ll be posting another update later. Prayers are appreciated.

UPDATE (1:15am EST): They took another gas at midnight. Her gases were even worse this time, but she had been fussing quite a bit. So, still not looking good, but the nurse said that she has calmed down over the last hour. They are not planning on taking another gas until 5:00. Praying that our baby girl remains calm and for the fluid to draw out of her lungs. We know she’s in your hands Lord.

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Ella sustained through the night and is doing well this morning. She is still losing a good amount of fluid from both chest tubes, so they are replacing her fluids as needed. We don’t expect much to change with her care over the weekend; we’re just hoping for the swelling to reduce.
As for the parents, we’re hanging in there. We miss the Colorado weather – – Florida is way too hot!
It has been nice to have Grandma visit. She and I escaped a bit yesterday for some shopping at the mall.
Then, all three of us went to dinner last night. Josh could not help himself. He took pictures of me last night as I was thinking of my litte girl. We were at Macaroni Grill where they provide crayons and paper for the table cloth. So, I went to town!
Thanks for all the support and prayers. We plan to visit Ella later today at the hospital and will take some more pictures to share!