Posted (Tina) in All Posts on October-25-2007

Nurse Kelly is taking care of Ella today. She hadn’t seen Ella for a week and was simply amazed at her progress.

Ella had a stable evening and morning so far.

They slightly weened the versed drip more today which is good (the sedative). Also, they discontinued an antibiotic. This antibiotic was given as a preventative measure starting this past weekend when she had a fever for about 24 hours. But, the blood cultures came back negative, so they have DC’d the antibiotic. Praise God!

As a side effect of CPAP, sometimes the eyes can get a bit puffy from the air pressure. Also, the babies tend to get air in their bellies. This is why the small tube is in her mouth (NG line). Each day, they pro actively suction the air out of her belly. If needed, they can also use this line to administer meds too, although they try and minimize that because it can make her nauseous.

Ella has continued to lose a bit more weight. As of last night, she was around 7 lbs, 8 ounces. This is still a positive sign as she still has some edema and subcutaneous fluid to lose (not chest fluid, thankfully).

Ella’s liver remains enlarged, as it has been since she was born. This is a common side effect for CDH babies, since their bodies are initially working extra hard and not functioning optimally. We pray that her jaundice would reduce and her lungs will continue to strengthen. As her overall strength continues, we expect that her enlarged liver will reduce too.

As far as holding her, we have not asked to hold her over the past 2 days since she was switched to CPAP. Selfishly, we would love to hold her. But when she is at a critical point, we don’t want our desires to get in the way of her progress. Especially at the beginning of her transition, we wanted to make sure that she could successfully tackle this milestone before we asked to hold her again. (When CDH babies are working extra hard to tackle a new milestone or are extra sick, the stimulation is often not beneficial). Since she has been making such great progress, we might just have to get some holding time in soon!

Nurse Kelly commented that she has been awake this morning. Then, she will hear Ella fussing. When she goes into the room to check on her, Ella sees Nurse Kelly and stops fussing immediately upon seeing her. So there is nothing wrong with her, but she just demands the attention! Yes, Miss Ella Bun is spoiled already!

We are hoping that she will be awake when we visit her later. The past 2 days she has been asleep when visiting. Thus, the sleeping beauty photos!

Thanks again for the continued prayers for our baby girl.