Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on October-28-2007

Ella Renae continues on her steady track forward. She’s taking her time, but she’s looking better every day.

As I type this, she is resting her her mother’s arms. Fidgeting here and there, falling asleep, waking up, looking at mom. So wonderful to have this peaceful time with her.

And it remains peaceful, except for the times when we have to adjust the CPAP cannulas. What a pain the tuchas! They just tend to work their way out of Ella’s nose while she’s awake and moving.

Overall though, Ella has really tolerated CPAP. We’re looking forward to stepping down to the regular oxygen cannulas, something that can’t happen soon enough for us. =)

Ella’s meds continue to be weaned too. In fact, the Octreotide has been DC’d today. No other major changes though on this front.

On another note, Tina and I had a great time with some new friends last night. Liz, Rusty, and Barbara (Liz’s mom) joined us for dinner at a local pizza place. Liz is about to have a baby boy with CDH here at Shands, and we thank our Lord for the opportunity to share some of our experiences with them.

Please pray for God’s perfect timing in their son’s birth as well as patience, strength, and peace for Liz, Rusty, and their entire family. We also thank you for your steadfast prayer for our baby girl’s continued progress.

I’ll leave you with this thought the Lord has been affirming in my heart over the last few days:

God’s truth never changes, but our lives are changed in every way when we embrace it.