Posted (Tina) in All Posts on October-26-2007

Yes, Ella has been running a fever since last night.

While we were visiting, they noted a temp of 100.6, so they gave her some Tylenol orally to see if it would go away. As of this morning at 7am, she still had the fever. Unfortunately, it has continued this afternoon.

They proceeded to do a complete blood culture (CBC). The initial results should be back around 3pm EST. This will give a general idea if she has an infection. The complete blood culture takes 2-3 days to come back.

If you remember, she had the same scenario over this past weekend where she suddenly had a fever. When they did the CBC at that time, it was determined that she did not have an infection.

Now 4 days later, the fever is re-appearing. They want to do the CBC to be 100% sure that it is not an infection. The only sources for infection now are the PICC line in her arm and her diaphragm and abdominal patches.

CDH babies do not recover well from infection. Please join us in praying that Ella does not have an infection.

Her heart rate is slightly elevated which is typical with a fever, but Nurse Kelly states that Ella seems to be behaving normal.

You will notice it too, in the short video below. Enjoy!

UPDATE (6:30pm EST): The initial CBC test came back and it looks promising that Ella does not have an infection (blood counts look good). They will not be able to definitely rule out infection until 48 hours passes. Thanks for the prayers!