Posted (Tina) in All Posts on October-30-2007

Ella continues to do well today.

Her CPAP is still at a pressure of 6, but her oxygen was weaned to 45% last night. Slow and steady progress!

Also, the full CBC results came back and Ella does not have an infection – Praise God! We are beginning to think that these intermittent fevers are not of concern, but that she just runs warm like her Daddy!

Yesterday, they did a test for Ella’s electrolytes. As a result of the tests, they made some adjustments to her sodium and potassium (they were a bit higher than they like to see) and will check it again later in the week.

Since the UAC line was removed from her belly, they have noted that Ella’s blood pressure is a bit elevated. Her systolic pressure has been higher than they would like to see (over 100, even when sleeping). I was told that this type of hypertension is a common side effect for babies that have been on ECMO and that if it does continue to climb, they will likely treat with blood pressure medication.

Today, they took an abdominal ultrasound to see how things look and should have the results in 24 hours or so. They want to make sure that since the UAC line was in for so long, that there is not a blood clot somewhere that is causing her elevated blood pressure.

Since they are trying to be proactive, there is also an order for the Renal Department to also come and visit Ella for an assessment (check her kidneys; a side effect of any mishap in the kidneys is higher blood pressure).

Please join us in praying that there is nothing wrong with Ella’s kidneys and/or anything related to her slightly elevated blood pressure.

Also, a special prayer request for Josh. He has been consumed by a special project at work, so he has put in extra hours at work this past weekend and each evening. Therefore, he has not gone to visit Ella. Please pray for the ability to meet his deadline and extra sharp focus for the task at hand.

We thank all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers.