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Ella had another good day – – a sigh of relief coming from Mom and Dad. Thinking back to one week ago today, Ella has come a long way!

We spoke with the nurse practitioner late this afternoon. She mentioned that Ella’s chest x-ray looked better today. That is such good news!

Her blood gas at 2pm and at 10pm were both good, pH levels around 7.4, cO2 in the 40’s and pO2 in the 80’s. Also, since she is doing well, they increased her feedings to 5ccs per hour.

Her urine output at 8pm was on track for another good 24-hour period at 184 so far. The chest fluid output has slowed down a lot today, only 20ccs.

Since her chest x-ray looked good this morning, we are hoping that this is a sign that her overall fluid production is slowing down. Also, maybe the scarring of the chest cavity is beginning to take effect. The next few days will be very telling.

When we visited tonight, she was sleeping. I placed my hand on her head and feet. After a few minutes, she sensed my presence and opened those eyes wide! Then, she had to stay awake to hang out with her parents! It was nice to see her enjoying her time with us and just looking around.

Those are the times we drink in and enjoy. She engages us with her eyes and it is just amazing to stare back.

She has such a sweet spirit and is such a strong baby girl. We love her so much. She is truly a miracle.

We are praying for a stable weekend. Dr. Kays is out of town for a few days. Although he will be calling in to check on her, we hope that she can remain stable and continue to take small steps in a positive direction.

Philippians 4:6-7
6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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Actually, I really think Mom knows best, but as you may be able to tell by the picture above, I think Ella has her daddy’s nose. Yup, that looks like a Josh schnoz to me. =)

The parents are feeling content this morning because Ella had another good night (that’s 4 in a row). She was stable and slept well.

Her gases looked good at 9:30am (pH=7.42, cO2=46, pO2=64), and her fluid output for the 24 hour period was positive too (urine=278ccs, chest fluid=55ccs).

Dr. Kays has not been in to see Ella yet, but we’re looking forward to hearing about her latest x-ray. Hopefully the reduction in chest fluid output (15ccs less than yesterday) is related to a true fluid reduction, as opposed to clogged catheters or fluid accumulating in other areas.

The nurse that has her today just finished giving her a sponge bath, and cleaned her neck and other crevasses that can harbor yeasty beasties. Ella tolerated the handling well which is such a good sign.

Our hearts pour out with gratitude to all of you, who continue on through this journey with us. The words that you share, and the prayers you lift up, render to us great strength and encouragement.

We are incredibly blessed by all the support.

Father, we thank you for another day with this beautiful girl. We praise you in all these things, and through this entire journey declare the love of our Lord Jesus. We know your are with us every step of the way. Bless those who have been touched by Ella’s story, and draw them closer to you. We affirm these words in your Holy name. Amen.