Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on October-11-2007

Ella Renae continues to do well today. They increased her feeds again and are slowly weeing her other meds where they can.

Fluid output still looks good, with a new urine record of 369ccs! Only 18ccs from her chest tubes for the 24 hour period. We really want to see this number get down to zero which should encourage Dr. Kays to pull her chest tubes.

The Bun was having a bit of a cranky moment during her blood gas this morning, which is why her numbers weren’t that great: pH=7.31, cO2=57, pO2=43. We’re not too concerned about it though and her 2pm blood gas will hopefully confirm that.

With the current progress Ella is making, it doesn’t look like we’ll be home for Thanksgiving, but we hope to make it back for Christmas. His timing is perfect though, and we continue to trust in His plan.

Tina and I are anticipating the arrival of Ella’s uncle and cousin this afternoon. It’ll be nice to have some family close by. =)

Thanks for the continued prayer and for keeping up with our little girl. Looking forward to celebrating her beautiful life with all of you in person some day!

UPDATE (12:00am EST) by Tina: Ella had a good day. Her blood gas this morning was not that good, but did end up stabilizing throughout the day during the next two blood gases.

They increased Ella’s feedings to 12ccs per hour, which is great. At 10pm, her chest tube output was 17ccs for the day so far. Her urine output was already 272 ccs! Maybe she will break another record!

They decreased her vent down to 40 breaths per minute at 40% oxygen. Ella seems to be doing well with it and keeping stable through all the changes.

Uncle Rick and Cousin Megan came into town tonight. It has been nice to see them and hang out.

We are praying for a stable night and more fluid reduction for Ella. She seems to be in a holding pattern where she is draining about 15-30ccs per day out of her chest tubes. The good news is that her edema seems to be reducing slowly (all that urine output!).

Please pray specifically that her fluid issue will resolve and for her to continue to take baby steps each day in the right direction.

Thank you for joining us on the journey.