Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-12-2008

Ella is such a cutie patootie.

She was really trying to talk today. When she is in a good mood and gets excited, she decides that she wants to try and communicate. Honestly, it is more of a grunt than baby babble. Either way, it is something!

We have our last appointment with Dr. Kays tomorrow. First, she will get a chest xray. We’re hoping that her lungs look clear and larger (more developed) than her last xray in early February when she was in the hospital. Also, we get to see if Ella has gained any weight.

Once we leave tomorrow, it could likely be a year or so until we get to see Dr. Kays again. That will be a strange feeling because he has always been close since she was born. Our prayer is that the follow-up care providers in Colorado will keep Dr. Kays informed and consult with him throughout the year as needed.

Were trying to figure out a time that we can visit the NICU and see some of the other nurses and respiratory therapists that helped take care of Ella. We’re hoping that comes together before we leave.

The days are counting down to our journey to Colorado. Josh will be leaving in 12 days and we will be home in 19 days.

Literally, it seems like every other day there is severe weather and tornadoes along the path of our drive (the south and central part of the country). Please pray for a safe drive – – first for Josh and Doug and second for Josh, Ella and me. We have lots of driving to do and need protection.

We’re so blessed to have a cutie patootie.