Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-2-2008

Thank God it is Friday. This means that I will have a chance to catch up on sleep soon. By the time Friday rolls around, I am wiped out. Numerous nights in a row of uninterrupted and/or short sleeping hours wear on me.

This was evident today as I played with Ella during tummy time. Josh walked downstairs to grab a drink and couldn’t resist picking up the camera. Apparently, Macy thought that we were interesting too!

The photo below is once Ella’s physical therapy session was over and her belly was full of food. One thing to note, she has made great progress this week with PT. I think having the therapist come to our apartment makes a huge difference for Ella. She just seems to be responding better in her own environment. We are blessed that Barbara decided to take us on for another few weeks while we are still in Gainesville, to give Ella as much attention as possible.

Things are slowly coming together for making our way back home. Only 21 days until Josh and Doug leave for the drive to Colorado and only 29 days until we walk in our front door.