Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-23-2008

Wow, I can’t believe it is here.

Ella had her last occupational therapy and physical therapy appointments today. The next time will be new therapists in the Denver area.

The OT gave a great discharge summary and made note of Ella’s progress since he started seeing her in late February. It is a amazing to see how much progress she has made since the hospital.

The PT was cute and brought Ella a few books over the past couple of sessions. It was neat to see her “tune in” to Ella, especially over the last week. We liked her from the beginning because she is very perceptive and works well with infants. But she just got to the point where she was picking up on Ella’s cues. So likewise, Ella was starting to enjoy her too. The last session was good, complete with the Bun smiling and being playful with her.

As I type this, Josh is cooking a later dinner. He still has lots of work to do tonight to prepare for the trip early tomorrow morning.

Doug is coming up shortly to spend the night, so he is ready for the early drive. Along with him, Jeanie is in the car too. I’m not sure that if I mentioned that she was so sweet to offer to come up and spend the entire weekend with me. If you remember, she is the one that gave the Bun the Forget-Me-Not bracelet. And I know it was quite the sacrifice considering that she has a husband & 5 kids along with the fact that I have a nearly empty apartment with no furniture! So, the Bun and I will have a girls Memorial Day weekend with Jeanie!

I will plan on keeping everyone updated on the blog as far as Josh’s drive and his safety. Please pray that he and Doug will remain safe while driving and flying across the country.

We’re so excited…it is finally here. The Bun has no idea what she is in for…