Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-24-2008

So, instead of sleeping last night we opted for a party. I think we were just so excited to have friends visit; it was too much fun.
That meant that getting up and starting to drive at 5am quickly went out the door for Doug and Josh!

Instead, the boys left with the cats from Gainesville at 10am this morning. It is a 13 hour drive to St. Louis. Throughout the day, I will update with pictures from their journey. So far, so good.

UPDATE 2pm EST: The boys are stopping for a quick bite to eat at Sonic in Macon, GA. So far, the cats are relaxing and everyone is still smiling!

UPDATE 5pm EST: They’ve switched seats and are now in Tennessee.

UPDATE 7:40pm EST: They are in Nashville and opted for White Castle to fill their bellies. Yeah, they ate those burgers in one bite! As far as the felines, the cats have been resting pretty much the last several hours. It is reported that Pumps is sleeping on top of Macy.

UPDATE 8:40pm EST: Doug & Josh have crossed over into Kentucky. They have about 4 hours of driving until they reach their hotel in St. Louis, MO.

UPDATE 1am EST: The boys and cats arrived in St. Louis safely! They are heading off to bed.

And let’s not forget…Happy 10 months Ella!