Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-19-2008

Wow, it is Day 300! I knew this day would come, but never thought that we would be in Gainesville. I’m so glad we are going home soon. It is around the corner.

“Aunt Marla” came to visit Ella today. She wanted to make sure to give kisses to Ella before we head home. It was nice to visit with her!

I think Ella has figured out how to manipulate her physical therapist. The last few sessions, she ends up crying really hard and giving up (to the point of turning blue/purple). Finally, she ends up laying there and practically going to sleep. She simply doesn’t want to work and it really seems like she is dead asleep!

Then, as soon as the PT leaves the apartment, Ella wakes up and remains bright-eyed. She has done this the past few times. I think I will suggest to the PT that we switch our strategy on Ella tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.

Ella did not really nap this afternoon. In turn, she decided to go to sleep at 6:00pm, about 2-3 hours earlier than normal. We tried to wake her up around 7:30pm and she would not wake up. You should have seen and heard all the things we were doing to try and wake her up. Here and there, we would get a smile and she would try to open her eyes, and they would roll back. She was exhausted! As I write this post, it is already close to midnight and I’m so afraid that she will get up way too early!

With that said, thanks for the support and prayers. Hugs and good night kisses from the Bun!