Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-1-2008

Ella had her first eye exam today. It went well. She enjoyed the first part of the exam, especially when she had to track the finger puppet that was a bumble bee. She even gave a few smiles here and there.

Once the drops went into her eyes to dilate them, she lost it. After I got her settled which took about 15 minutes, she was good for a few more peeks into her eyes with the bright light. Then, she let me know that once and for all, she was over the eye exam concept. It was no longer fun for her.

The good news is that her eyes look healthy and there are no issues right now. This was great to hear, especially considering that she has been on oxygen since birth. Initially, the eye doctor was concerned about the cornea, retina and blood vessels. But everything checked out great!

One thing is for sure, her navy blue paisley dress sure made her blue eyes stand out!